stop spending all your time
putting out fires

rescoper handles the tedious parts of management
so your team stays focused on results

built for you

the smartest features at your fingertips


Create and work on projects, whether they have due dates or just serve as categories.


Add tasks and subtasks to your projects, and assign them to your team.


Schedule events and manage them in rescoper, too.


You can add ideas to your projects and discuss them before turning them into tasks for your project's schedule.


Set milestones for your projects, like sprints or big target dates.

due dates

Set due dates for projects and tasks, and see your progress as you meet every one of them.


Easily assign tasks for one or multiple teammates to work on.

time tracking

Track time spent on work manually, or with one click to start, pause, and complete tasks and events.

automatic permissions

Rescoper's automatic permissions shows each user the project and tasks they need to know about, and nothing else. Private projects stay, well, private.


Discuss work as a team, so everyone knows exactly what needs done.

file sharing

Upload and share files or photos to tasks, events, and ideas.

scope bids

Have your team "bid" how long they think an idea will take them, so time can be saved assigning it as a task to the right person.

automatic scheduling

Rescoper fills the blanks in your calendar to create a productive schedule, so you can grab your coffee and get right to work.

to do

Quickly view, track, and log your upcoming work in the to-do view.

live feed

Live feed with updates to your team's progress and communication.

progress tracking

Watch your project go from concept to reality with accurate time-based progress.

heads up

Rescoper monitors your progress, and will give you a heads up of any issues - which the AI can fix with just one click!


Goals, events, and completion dates for the overview you need in a flash.


Managers and teammates can check out what everyone's been up to, what they're doing, and what's coming up.


Get instant answers to the questions that matter to your team with just one click.

public idea pages

Let your community brainstorm ideas for your projects with a public idea page that you can share.


Import projects from Trello, Asana, Wrike, Toodledo, Google Tasks, and more!

facebook integration


Connect your account to Facebook for instant login.

Google Calendar integration

google calendar

Two-way sync between your Google Calendar and Rescoper calendar.

rescoper blocks

Creates events on a google calendar when you need those days open to get work done on time. Perfect for integation with, calendly, clara, and other scheduling tools! integration

Set up to use your rescoper blocks calendar, and Amy will only choose meeting times that won't overwork you.

Calendly integration


Set up calendly to use your rescoper blocks calendar, and calendly invites will only include meeting times that won't overwork you.

Clara integration


Set up Clara to use your rescoper blocks calendar, and calendly invites will only include meeting times that won't overwork you.

Square integration


Set up SquareUp to use your rescoper blocks calendar, and calendly invites will only include meeting times that won't overwork you.

Dropbox integration


Attach files from Dropbox directly to tasks, events, and ideas.

more to come!

We want to integrate with your tools of choice. Submit integration ideas here!