frequently asked questions

Of course. You can move between plans at any time. Either upgrade or downgrade if you need.
Of course. Check out our 3-minute overview video to get started.

We're also working on an entire video / text document library for you to learn all about the features and super efficient ways to use Rescoper.
No way! It is all driven by the magical cloud and accessible via a web browser. We don’t have mobile phone apps - everything is optimized to be available at a touch of a button regardless of your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

We do offer things like email and SMS notifications for things you really want to be notified about, but really, the goal of rescoper is to make you less overwhelmed, not to be blowing up your phone with notifications 24x7.
Click here to see our 3-minute overview video. That will give you a good, quick overview of what Rescoper is all about.